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Banrisul is a Brazilian bank. It is the largest bank of Southern Brazil and operates primarily in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), with a network that serves more than 365 cities. The services, however, are extended to other localities of Brazil. It has more than 1,312 service points, over 500 agencies and 593 ATMs in Rio Grande do Sul, in the Federal District and in the states of Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, and São Paulo; besides, it keeps agencies in Miami and Grand Cayman.

"You feel like you are just like a machine working." says a Barinsul former employee on Glassdoor on December 13, 2016:


Low salary, Few career opportunities, old furniture and equipment, demotivated colleagues, work pressure, zero flexibility. You feel like you are just like a machine working.

No advice, I have no hope for Banrisul, it's a public endeavor and it will never change. I hope someday these new bank revolution will leave Banrisul obsolete."


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Former Employee - Bank of America Teller says

"Low salary, Few career oportunities, old furniture and equipment, dismotivated coleagues, work pressure, zero flexibility. You feel like your are just like a machine working."

Current Employee - Oracle Database Administrator says

"Hard to start as trainee and prove your value. Some times it become much more about politics than about real skills."

Current Employee - Systems Analyst says

"Not too many opportunities. Ancient culture based in power and strenght."